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Friday, 13 September 2013

Do You See What I See?

My last doula adventure was a crazy one.  I have seen a lot since I last updated you all.

1. I have seen two new doulas (that I have had the privilege of training) spread their wings and do very well. 

2. I have seen a baby born right on the dirty hospital floor.  Both mom and baby were fine. 

3. I have seen a woman punched repeatedly  while her baby was crowning. 

4. I have seen God answer my prayers over and over again when a mom is having a very hard time or when a baby is not breathing.

5. I have seen an HIV positive mom shunned and shamed. 

6. I have seen serious hemorrhages and babies that took a long time to breathe.

7. I've seen the midwives be very kind and show great skill in order to save a mom and baby.

8. I've seen the midwives share their own things and go the extra mile to be kind to a patient.

9. I've seen a movie on maternal death in childbirth put on for the laboring women to watch.

10. I've seen the squatting position spare many women from c sections and vacuum extractions.

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