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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Any Doula Tips or Tricks?

I get to go back to the hospital tomorrow.  I wait every Friday with anticipation, and I wonder what tomorrow will hold.  Some days there are babies popping out all over the place and others are quiet with just two ladies in labor and a bunch of post partum moms. 

Do any of you doulas out there have any simple doula tips or your favorite tricks to share?  Or maybe you have just been through labor yourself and know what worked for you.  Keep it simple as I tend to just use my hands and voice...and the favorite a the wet wash cloth on the forehead and a hand held fan for the pushing stage.  So far everyone of the ladies that I have assisted have LOVED this.  Please share in the comments section if you have new ideas for me.  I love to learn from others. 


  1. Washcloth, hands down. While in the Mother's Hold position if possible; while she is resting between contractions in a sitting position (don't suppose you have a birth ball or stool?) sit behind her and allow her to collapse into your arms, where you can support her with a washcloth in one hand on her forehead, the other holding her opposite arm. (see my pic on my fb doula page). Or standing behind her, put pressure onto the tops of her shoulders with your forearms. I've been told this points help to ground and bring the baby down, and relax mama too. or simply looking into her eyes, maybe forehead to forehead, just to know you are there. It all depends on the woman and what kind of support she is wanting...some do not want to be touched at all, so just supportive mantras to help get her through each contraction or brushing away each contraction by swiftly wiping your hands down her arms and legs...not sure if any of this would be appropriate to use with a woman you hardly know, but hope some of it is useful! xoxo Melissa

  2. These are exactly the kinds of things I'm looking for, thank you Melissa! Each of these ladies is different too, although their culture is generally more open to touch and women helping women than ours sometimes it.