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Friday, 10 May 2013

"Am I doing it wrong?"- a birth story

She is in her third year of university...quite an accomplishment for a girl in these parts.  Today though, she is having baby.

Koris was dropped off at the hospital at 7am.  I arrived a half hour later to help support the women in labor.  The ward was crowded .  There were 12 postpartum moms and newborns piled into the back hall, they laid on the floor and nursed their precious bundles.  They reminded me of teenagers at a slumber party.

She was assigned to bed #2, but she was more interested in climbing the walls and pacing like ping pong ball.  She  made alot of noise and the midwives asked me to care for her. 

I held her, talked her through what was happening to her body, gave her food and drinks, prayed with her, and helped her with whatever she needed.  Pain medication is not an option here, although the artificial rupture of membranes and pitocin to speed labor are common.

Concerned, Koris asked me, "Am I doing it wrong? Is all this walking the wrong thing to do?"  I told her she was doing awesome, that when I was in labor with my 4 boys, I walked for hours.  I told her she was going to get this pain over with, and get this baby out, at the rate she was going.  Mostly I just kept encouraging her that she was doing great.

After 5 more hours, a lot of back rubbing, counter pressure and squatting...she was ready to push.  She didn't want me to leave her side. 

A beautiful baby girl was born.  I got to see 7 other babies born that day. Each one a miracle.

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