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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kindness and an Answered Prayer

It was a Saturday, and I was at the hospital helping the women who were in labor.  They said I was the “watch mama” to all of them, since their own mothers are not allowed there. 

I was running back and forth between two ladies when I noticed Hati.  The midwives were yelling at her. “You aren’t trying hard enough! What is wrong with you! Your baby is going to die if you don’t listen to us!”  She looked so tired, barely even conscious.   

I asked what was going on with her. They told me that she had labored at her house and had been trying to push out her baby for close to two days.  Her family was concerned that the baby had not been born, and brought her to the hospital.  When she arrived, she was fully dilated and they hooked her up to Pitocin.

She had been there 2 hours and nothing had happened.  She was too tired, and she seemed to have given up.

I asked if I could talk to her.  They said yes.  I held her hand and spoke kindly to her.  I told her that she was a good mother, and that I knew she loved her baby.  I talked to her about how to push, and I asked if I could pray with her.  She opened her eyes briefly and nodded. 

I began to pray that God would give new strength to Hati so that she could push this baby out and that it would be born safely.  About ten seconds after I started to pray, she sat up and started pushing with all of her might….and the tiniest bit of the head appeared!

I called out to the midwife.  Within ten minutes, a healthy baby girl was born.  It was an answer to prayer.



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