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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dangerous Doula-ing Strikes Again

(Warning, don't read this while eating)

The Facilities...

As a doula here, I get to haul water, a lot. I also get to try not to mix up the babies.  Not something you learn at a doula training.

A lot of women here hemorrage, even though they are all hooked up to pitocin as soon as the baby arrives.  Out of the last twenty births I have seen, six hemmoraged...I'm not sure how that compares to other places.

Many of the women are very weak after giving birth, and within an hour they are usually asked to get up, pack up, and bathe.  Bathing includes filling a five gallon bucket with cold water and carrying it 15 feet to the shower stall.  That is where I come in, the water bucket carrier.
Once to the shower, the woman then squats and washes.  This one shower is rarely cleaned and women file through there all day and all night.  As you can imagine, it is GROSS.  (Think blood clots)

There is also only one toilet, which is rarely cleaned.  But I will spare you the description on that one.

Did I Give Her the Right One?

During one post partum hemorrage, the midwife was getting pretty worried and asked me to grab the woman's baby so that she could nurse it and cause the uterus to contract.  I walked to the little table where three babies were wrapped like little burritos side by side. was I supposed to know which baby was hers?  I ran back to the midwife and explained my dilemma.  She replied, "the big one is hers."  So, this being an emergency situation...I grabbed the biggest looking burrito baby there and brought it back to the woman.

She stopped bleeding and fell in love with her least I hope it was hers...she seemed to think it was.

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