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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

But isn't Birth Normal and Safe?

Now I realize that in North America we are fighting hard to tell women that birth is normal and safe.  This blog may bother some of you. 

It is true that in North America and many parts of the world, there are too many medical interventions which are causing harm to women.  So that is why we have to tell women..."your body knows what to do" and "birth is normal unless proven otherwise."

Now look at a woman in a developing country. (I'm not saying these things don't happen elsewhere, or that they happen to everyone here.)  Add pregnancy to these possibilities:  smoking, unclean water, a husband who beats her, severe anemia from malaria, a poor diet, and maybe some HIV and TB and a couple of STD's.  All this with no birth control, little education, and no prenatal care. These factors cause major issues for women and babies.

That is the difference between here and there.  If you are a pregnant woman reading this, please don't let it frighten you.  These stories are not applicable to mothers in North America, except to raise awareness so that you can help. Yes, I do believe that birth is usually safe and  an absolutely wonderful and NORMAL experience for a healthy, well fed, woman.

I found this list of countries and how many women in each have a skilled birth attendant when they have their babies. I thought it was interesting.

Here is the Link:

A skilled birth attendant can be a nurse midwife, a direct entry midwife, or a doctor.

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