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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dangerous Doula-ing

I have only been to 6 births as a doula in the United States.  So I wasn't exactly a seasoned veteran when I started volunteering here.

Although labor is the same everywhere, what is accepted culturally is quite different.  I have safety concerns in this country, so carrying a big "doula bag" full of goodies for supporting women is not an option here.  I carry as little as possible so as to not look like a easy and worthwhile target.

A few of the only "dangers" I have really faced while doula-ing (not quite sure how to write or say that) over here are these:

1. Danger of having too many babies named after me...Kimberly (my name) has been bestowed on far too many baby girls whose mothers I have helped.  Ten years from now, people will be wondering why that has become such a popular name.  I have considered using my middle name sometimes...

2. Slipping in amniotic fluid...yes, I have done the, "just about slip while waving my arms wildly and trying not to fall over" thing, in the blood and gunk all over the floor.  I credit my years on the slick jungle trails to having not actually fallen on my behind yet.

3. At the very first birth I watched at the hospital here, I was holding the mom's hand and talking her through contractions when the midwife says, "Put on some gloves, you can deliver this one!"  I told her very politely that "no, I am not trained to do that." (someday hopefully!)
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  1. Hi Kimberly! I would love to connect with you. Looks like you might be in Indonesia, like me :) im in Salatiga and am also and American (missionary) Doula working on my midwifery edu. email or facebook me, maybe we can throw info and encouragement back and forth. <3, marie
    Fb: marie hutapea (marie barton)
    email: or

  2. Hi Kimberley
    I will also love to connect with you. I am a Doula based in the Netherlands, looking to do midwifery sometime in the near future. You can find me on facebook ;upendodoula
    Thank you
    Regards, Naomie