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Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Cussing, Fainting Missionary lady

My head hurts.

I just spent a very long and wonderful day at the hospital as a doula to many lovely women. 

Unfortuately, I had to learn an important lesson the hard way.  No matter how "needed" I am, I need to take little breaks and eat and drink to keep up my stamina.  After birth number five, I started feeling really lightheaded, and yes, I passed out on the floor. 

That is why my head hurts.  It was embarrassing. 

I also shocked all the staff with my dirty mouth. They call me the missionary lady and have high expectations for what words I may or may not use.  Due to a language mess up on my part I accidently swore a few times while trying to say. "I think we need to put a new sheet on the bed." I just mixed up two words that were very close. I never did explain myself either as  there was a baby coming out right about then.  Oh well.

Part of the reason that I didn't take breaks is that I had two women in a row that were terrified for me to leave them.  Both had been laboring completely alone for over 24 hours and both would cling to me and beg me to stay if I even took a step in another direction. 

There were four girls and one boy born today, and apparently there have been five girls for every boy born at this hospital for over a year now.  This would cause future problems if we were in the USA - but here, some guys have 5 I guess it will all work out.

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