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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I am the Ambulance

I'm hoping for a phone call. 

My friend Jana is due with her second baby and hopes to deliver a 15 minute drive from here at the hospital.  She has been selling bananas so that she can afford to do so.  (My family will be eating A LOT of bananas in the near future as I have been buying them.) 

The thing is, that only the very rich here own cars.  (We do not own one but we can rent one) There is public transportation....but not between 6pm and 7am.  So if a woman goes into labor during the night and things progress quickly...she has no way to give birth under the supervision of a skilled birth attendant. 

That is why I am expecting a call from Jana.  She plans to call and have us drive her to the hospital if she goes into labor during the night. 

Unfortunately for most the women in this country, transportation is not even the issue.  For most, there is no access to skilled birth attendants unless they hike for a couple days to find one.

I'm excited to be a part of her birth.

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