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Monday, 11 November 2013

Why Volunteer as a Doula?

Why should a person volunteer as a doula?
1. It is a way to show love.
2.  In many places the women are alone in a scary place (the hospital isn't exactly a friendly place) at a vulnerable time
3. A woman with doula care is:
    50% less likely to have a cesarean birth
    41% less likely to need forceps or vacuum extraction 
When you are at the local hospital here,  the these things could possibly kill you due to infections that often come with them,  I believe that being a doula can actually reduce the maternal mortality rate. 
4. In an understaffed environment like where I work with women, An extra pair of hands and eyes can make a difference of life or death.  So many times I have been the one who noticed a woman hemorrhaging or a baby struggling to breathe, 
It's not for everyone, but I sure do love it!


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