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Friday, 18 April 2014

First Day...No Babies

I'm in!  I finally have permission to work here in this new town as a volunteer doula. 
It is in a somewhat rural health center instead of in a busy town hospital.  They do serve a large area though, and most women here have between 6 and 12 babies, as the prominent religion does
not allow birth control. 

Today there were no births or seriously laboring women. I spent the morning there, learning the ropes, helping stock medicine cabinets, and getting to know the midwives.  I spent a couple of hours chatting with a lady in early labor, but she seemed like she could be days away still from holding her baby.  They told me it is usually much busier, I'll let you know if that turns out to be the case!  If

Meanwhile,  I'm happy to be in the door.  If a couple of weeks prove that this is just not a busy enough place, I may look into driving a little further to a larger hospital.  One would be enough each time, but honestly, doula-ing isn't that awesome with no laboring moms!

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