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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Not going to give up...

Well, I moved to another town within the same country.  I've been settling in, focusing on my children and family, and pursuing certification as a childbirth educator and Breastfeeding counselor.

Another friend of mine died last week in childbirth.  She died and her baby died.  She died in the bush with no medical help available and the when the news got to me, I decided to get active in my doula-ing again.

It is a pain to get these things going.  I would like to volunteer as a doula here like I did in the last place that I lived.  So many hoops to jump through, letters to write, and people to meet with.  Trying to explain what a doula is and trying to convince them to let me help.  Hopefully it will pan out soon.  Until then I am just having to persevere and not give up.  I went through all of this at the last place too, and was able to leave an open door for other doulas when I left.  Hopefully soon!

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