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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Baby Heads and Doula Smiles

I smiled a lot yesterday while I was with all the laboring moms.

I smiled when Rosa pushed out a baby boy with ease.

I smiled when Rosa dressed him up super cute and I could tell she was in love with her new little bundle.  She had her tubes tied a few years ago, so he was quite a surprise.

I smiled when Helley gave me a skeptical look when I told her that her baby was coming soon and she was going to be okay.  It was a look that said "you are insane, I know I am going to die."

I smiled when Helley came back from the bathroom a few minutes later and lifted her skirt to show me what was going on.  I could see quite a bit of baby head.  She was holding a baby boy just a few minutes later.  Now she had a look on her face that said she was quite pleased with herself for having delivered her first child.

I smiled when Toola and I finally worked out a system to get her calmly through her contractions without going screaming and rolling around in panic and terror.  I had never seen a woman quite so active and creative with her laboring postitions. 

I smiled when Toola's baby girl finally emerged.  It took awhile and the little one arrived with a short cord 3x around her neck. I smiled because she was okay despite that.  I was so glad the midwife had arrived on that one, her head was halfway out before the midwife came.

I smiled when Toolah made it safely through a post partum hemmorage and when her baby girl finally latched on and nursed.

I smiled when Mallinah delivered her ten and a half pound baby boy (most babies here are between 5-7lb).  She was 44 weeks pregnant.  Yes, I meant to write 44.  She measured 44 weeks, and her dates said 44 weeks.  She had been completely dilated for hours, but the head was too high and not engaged.  She walked, she lunged, she sat on the toilet.  We had no birthball, that would have been helpful.  She was so drained and still the babe was high.  Her water finally broke and eventually she felt like pushing.  After 2 more hours I finally convinced her to squat and push.  She did and within 15 minutes there was a baby head.  The midwife was there just in time to see the rest of it's body slide out.

There were five births and 7 moms and it was just really fun as well as really amazing.  I'm getting more comfortable in my role as a doula and in trusting the mom's own instincts.  I am also amazed at what a woman can birth if she squats instead of laying on her back!

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