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Monday, 1 July 2013

Walk that Baby Out!!!!!!!

I volunteer in the labor and delivery ward here mostly because the laboring women are not allowed to bring even one support person with in with them.  I love it though when a brave mother in law or grandma comes marching in anyway.  I never tell on them, so sometimes they manage to hide out for a hour or so. 

Yesterday this wrinkly, ancient and very wise looking old woman came bursting in.  Policy meant nothing to her.  She had squatted on banana leaves and borne 13 babies in her lifetime.  This is what she had to say to her granddaughter who was in labor with her first child.  "Get up! Walk, walk, walk,  faster.  GO!  Do want this pain to last all day? If you do, then lay down.  If not, then get up and go!"

Amen Grandma!  I have seen many other veteran mothers here offer the same advice.  I also noticed that the women who just walk and walk have their babies so much faster than the ones who just lay on their sides.  I personally was a walker in all of my 4 labors and recommend it to anyone!

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